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<html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width: 100%" width="100%"> <tbody> <tr> <td style="width: 75%"> <strong>PRIVACY POLICY </strong></td> <td style="width: 25%"> &nbsp;</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <div align="center"> <hr align="center" size="1" width="100%" /> </div> The information contained in this Web Site <a href=""></a>has been prepared solely for the purpose of providing online payment services to the applicant for payment of feesthroughNet Banking, Debit Card or Credit Card, etc.<br /> This Web Site has been compiled in good faith for providing online payment services to the candidates, college &nbsp;(i.e. Applicants for online exam form/admission process etc) and SOLAPUR UNIVERSITY does not represent and / or give any warranty (either express or implied) as to the correctness, completeness or accuracy of the information it contains..<br /> <br /> By accessing this Web Site, you agree that SOLAPUR UNIVERSITY will not be liable for pecuniary or any other direct / indirect loss arising from the use of the services through this Web Site.<br /> <br /> The copyright of this Web Site solely belongs to SOLAPUR UNIVERSITY. Any access to this website for availing online payment services does not imply a license to reproduce and/or distribute theinformation and / or content therein.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width: 100%" width="100%"> <tbody> <tr> <td colspan="2"> &nbsp;</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="width: 75%"> <strong>Refund &amp; Cancellation policy</strong></td> <td style="width: 25%"> &nbsp;</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <div align="center"> <hr align="center" size="1" width="100%" /> </div> &nbsp;<br /> Fees once paid will be non-refundable/non-transferable.<br /> The candidate should check and ensure compliance with the eligibility criteria prior to payment of online fees.&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width: 618px; height: 31px" width="618"> <tbody> <tr> <td style="width: 75%"> <strong>Terms &amp; Conditions</strong></td> <td style="width: 25%"> <p align="right"> &nbsp;</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <div align="center"> <hr align="center" size="1" width="100%" /> </div> &nbsp;<br /> Keeping the candidates&rsquo;, collage &nbsp;(i.e. Applicants for online exam forms/admission process) information secured, and using it only as the candidates&nbsp; would want it to, is a top priority for SOLAPUR UNIVERSITY ,SOLAPUR will safeguard, according to strict standards of security and confidentiality, any information the Candidates, Collage &nbsp;shall disclose during the process of online exam forms /admission. SOLAPUR UNIVERSITY shall limit the collection and use of Candidates&rsquo; information to the minimum that is required for the said process. Only authorized employees shall be given access to Candidates&rsquo;/college information. SOLAPUR UNIVERSITY shall not disclose Candidates&rsquo; /college information to any third party/person unless authorized by the concerned Candidate and/or required under any applicable statute.<br /> We may, however, facilitate relevant offers from reputable companies. These University &nbsp;shall not be permitted to retain any Candidate&rsquo;s information unless the Candidate has specifically expressed interest in their products or services. Whenever &nbsp;SOLAPUR UNIVERSITY outsources any support services, it shall ensure compliance to its privacy and confidentiality norms. SOLAPUR UNIVERSITY will not use or share - internally or externally - personally identifiable medical information for any purpose other than is required for the process of online exam forms/admission.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> </body> </html>